You might be inclined to think there are two types of tacos: meat and chicken. Oh, but you would be wrong. There are many different types of authentic Mexican tacos. Have you seen any of these on menus in The Bay Area?


Some say tacos have been around for a couple millennia, but others say they weren’t a thing until just after 1900. Regardless of age, there are a lot of different tacos in Mexico. Have you heard these tacos mentioned before today?


These are “little fried meats” that are turned into tacos. They are fried with a device that operates a lot like a wok in frying up small pieces of meat for tacos.


Cabeza is the Mexican word for head. So, yeah, these tacos are parts of the head served up as tacos. Expect tongue, eyeballs, cheek meat, snout, brains … yes, let’s move on.


Eating leftovers became an art with guisado tacos. Whatever meats and other items were left over from last night’s dinner become a stew and served up in a very messy taco. This homey comfort food is now an item in restaurants.


Think pig roast with a tropical theme. The pig is seasoned with tropical flavors, wrapped in banana leaves then slowly roasted underground. The shredded meat is put into tacos.

Tacos de Canasta

These are vendor tacos that used to be kept warm in a basket and delivered to workers for their lunch. They are more of a paste type of filling made from meats and vegetables.


Carnitas are slow cooked meat, usually pork. They usually come with a unique carnitas sauce and the carnitas are chunks of tender meat.


There are many types of tacos, as you can see. All are authentic Mexican tacos. Be sure to look for these types on menus to give them a try.