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Roberto's Cantina

About us

Roberto managed his family’s restaurant for almost two decades before deciding to go out on his own to start Roberto’s Cantina in Sunnyvale.

He opened Roberto's Cantina with the plan to have the most significant number of brands of tequilas in his bar. Today there are typically over 150 different brands in the restaurant for his patrons' pleasure, making him the leader in the area for tequila tasting. Some of the rarer bottles of mezcal and tequila are from producers that make as little as 80 bottles per batch.

"100% agave tequilas and mezcals"
Mezcal and Tequila Tasting is a monthly event in the bar from September - May. Give the restaurant a call to find out when the next Tequila Tasting Event will happen. But you don't have to wait for the officially scheduled event. You can create your own private mezcal and tequila tasting in the bar or along with your dinner. Roberto's Cantina is a family restaurant created around Roberto's family recipes for Jalisco-style traditional meals. Found in these recipes is one of the more popular traditional dishes made from slowly cooked beef, a very juicy and tender birria.

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This photo was taken at Roberto's family's blue agave farm in Jalisco.
Roberto grew up appreciating the methods that make the finest tequila and mezcal. Today his restaurant, Roberto's Cantina, celebrates the art of this very special distilled liquor. When you dine, we'll be happy to help you do your own taste testing at your table by lining up several shots of various brands to savor with your meal. You will discover the subtle differences in taste due to how each was distilled and aged.