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over 150 tequilas in stock

Enjoy our monthly Tequila Tasting Events where you can learn interesting facts about these powerful mezcal liquors from Jalisco, Mexico. Taste many of the variety of brands while learning the variances in the different distillers’ methods. These events are scheduled monthly in the months of September through May.

But don’t let the wait for the next event stop you from exploring these fascinating liquors. Set up your own shots to enjoy in the bar or during your dinner. Compare and discuss them with friends. We love to share!

join us in having a taste

tequila tasting events

Join us for our monthly Tequila Tasting (Sept – May) where you’ll learn the art of appreciation of this fine liquor. Until then, have Roberto make one of his amazing cocktail creations for you.

roberto’s life

Roberto’s life, both past and present, centers around his birthplace of Jalisco, one of the states of Mexico on the Pacific side of the country. It is here his family developed their own dinner recipes based on the traditions of the local area and Roberto uses those same recipes in his restaurant today. But, taking the Jalisco traditions even further is the collection of tequila and mezcal brands Roberto has amassed in his restaurant’s bar. These liquors are all made from the agave plant, a very important blue plant that is used in making the finest tequilas and mezcals.

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Tequila Tasting Events Sept – May