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Mexican restaurant with authentic Mexican food from Jalisco and a family dining experience.


150+ tequila brand choices for your tasting pleasure. Tequila tasting events are monthly from Sept – May.


Order your meals for pickup for your party, business meeting or your family dinner at home by giving us a call.


Many entrees are vegetarian. We are happy to accommodate vegan and special diets by making substitutions.


Our menu has specialized entrees that go beyond tacos, burritos and ceviche. Be sure to try our birria dishes.


Delicious entrees include a full menu of Mexican favorites with vegetarian, beef, chicken and seafood choices.

Roberto's Cantina

dining for the entire family

Yelp Reviews of El Caminito Mexican Restaurant

Tacos and Burritos Everyone Loves

Plus a full service menu with lots of seafood, beef, chicken and vegetarian choices


All I have to say is… tasty carnitas, complete with crispy bits. That is enough to bring me back again. Service was wonderful, we never had empty drinks or chips for long at all.
Allyson M.


For meal I ordered chicken fajitas ( white chicken breast and came with broccoli, onion, bell pepper, carrots and zucchini that were cooked perfectly!) My friend ordered Tacos and they were very good too.

Tasha M.


I really like this place. It’s fun and friendly. Family friends have gone there for years and highly recommended it. The food is great. The staff is great. Fair pricing. They are very on top of things. Great service.

Ino Y.

tequila | mezcal

This photo was taken at Roberto’s family’s blue agave farm in Jalisco.

Roberto grew up appreciating the methods that make the finest tequila and mezcal. Today his restaurant, Roberto’s Cantina, celebrates the art of this very special distilled liquor. When you dine, we’ll be happy to help you do your own taste testing at your table by lining up several shots of various brands to savor with your meal. You will discover the subtle differences in taste due to how each was distilled and aged.

Be sure to join us in our next tasting event to learn more about tequila and mezcal.

mexican restaurant with a family atmosphere

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Roberto’s Cantina is Serving Up Great Food and 150 Tequilas in Sunnyvale

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