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Mezcal (or mescal) is the same as thing as tequila, but it is not tequila at all. The worm in the bottom of mezcal has a very special purpose and you’ll never guess what it is. These little mezcal fun facts are explained in detail.

Mezcal Fun Facts

Mezcal is a distilled liquor made from the agave plant. Tequila is also. However, under Mexican law the only distilled liquor of the agave plant that can be called tequila is the liquor distilled from the blue agave plant. This particular agave plant grows in Jalisco, Mexico. This is why all tequila comes from Jalisco.

It is mezcal or mescal. Both spellings are correct, and everyone has their favorite it seems. But it is pronounced mescal.

The Worm

Likely, you’ve wondered what’s up with the worm? Well, there is a larva in most of the bottles of mezcal. This is the larva of the moth that lives in the heart of the agave plant. When that larva isn’t busy in the agave plant becoming a moth then it is sold as a tasty snack. Seriously. It is a tasty snack in parts of Mexico. Which is how it ended up drowned in a bottle of mezcal.

No, it doesn’t make you hallucinate. No, it doesn’t prove your machismo or machisma, depending on who you are hanging out with. It adds nothing to the flavor of the liquor, most likely. Although, do bug guts have a flavor, per se? But they were a tasty snack around Mexico.

When everyone who has a barn is firing up their still and making mezcal or tequila, how do you get people to buy yours? Yep, add a tasty, wiggly snack – the Red Maguey Worm. People love to eat the worm live or roasted. If they see it in the mezcal bottle they’ll buy it. They already know they like that tasty snack.

Now you know the real story of the red maguey worm and mezcal. Salud!