The Tequila song was sung by The Champs in 1958 and was a quick hit. It is still a hit and a jukebox favorite in bars. What better song to do tequila shots by?!

Tequila Song Fun Facts

The Tequila Song is actually named just “Tequila.” It does have lyrics. The lyrics are: Tequila. Then a while later: Tequila. And a whopping third time closer to the end of the song: Tequila! And there you have it. It is easy to remember if you need to memorize an entire song this week.

Here is a link to the song Tequila.

Once you hear the song Tequila it embeds in your brain and you never forget it. You might forget most songs you hear, but this one will never be one of those.

One of the greatest joys of Peewee Herman’s Big Adventure is watching him dance on the bar to the song Tequila. He charms all the big, bad bikers that were just about to kill him. What saved him? The tequila song!

More Latin Favorites

There are other great Latin hits that are fun background music for partying in the bar with a bunch of shots of tequila or just having a fun dinner in Roberto’s Cantina.

  • La Bamba
  • Livin’ La Vida Loca
  • The Girl from Ipanema
  • Volare
  • Oye Como Va
  • Mobo #5
  • La Cucharacha
  • Despacito
  • Bomboleo
  • Macarena
  • Gasolina
  • La Tortura
  • Rico Suave
  • Feliz Navidad
  • El Watusi
  • Bailando
  • Summer of Love

Latin Music

There is a lot to love about the tequila song and other Latin song hits. Many of these songs are treated as sing-a-longs in Mexican restaurants, especially in bars. Everyone yells, “TEQUILA!” as loud as they can to the song Tequila. It is good times. And so is Roberto’s Cantina. Stop by the tequila bar one day soon.