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When you’re hungry for excellent Mexican food, a taqueria is just the place you need. And what could be better than a taqueria? A taqueria with tequila! Olé!


If you’re looking for the best Mexican food in and around Sunnyvale then you want Roberto’s Cantina. If you love tequila and mescal, you want Roberto’s Cantina, most definitely.

Roberto’s Cantina cooks up great tacos, burritos and all the usual Mexican dishes you expect to find in California. The recipes, however, are family recipes originating from Jalisco, Mexico, the same town that produces all the best tequilas of the world. So, it is easy to suspect what comes next on the menu, tequila! You got it.

Roberto, the owner of Roberto’s Cantina, had a strong appreciation of tequila, given that he was born and raised in Jalisco. His family still owns an agave farm in Jalisco.

Tequila is a Mexican liquor that is made from distilling the agave plant. It is law in Mexico that any tequila made must be made from the blue agave. You can add other plants, however, blue agave must make up at least 51% of the formula. It is law. Seriously, it really is the law in Mexico.

In the bar at Roberto’s Cantina there are over 150 bottles of tequila, each sporting a different brand name. Most of these brands are very small batches and you’re not likely to ever see it again. Tequila tasting is expected when you stop in for dinner.

Roberto’s Cantina

A taqueria with over 150 brands of tequila is a very special eatery. Stop by anytime to this family style Mexican restaurant and taste all the special foods and liquors that come from the Jalisco region of Mexico, Roberto’s Cantina.