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Tacos made fresh at home are the best ever. It is like being in Mexico and eating the street vendor’s tacos. They are just awesome! These tacos are on a warm tortilla and are stuffed full of chicken, goat, beef or tongue all perfectly spiced. When you cannot run off to your favorite spot in Mexico, you will have to come up with other sources when the craving hits.


You can make tacos out of any meat or seafood, but chicken and beef are the most popular. That is, unless you’re near a harbor. In seaports the fish taco rules the streets.

You can make your own tacos at home. It does take a bit of practice to get the tortillas just right, but the spiced meat is always fairly simple and delicious.


The traditional taco is made using two small corn tortillas. There is a trick to making these tortillas. Well, a couple of tricks. First, you will need to buy a tortilla press and a cast iron comal. You’ll probably find a variety of them online. Watch a youtube video that shows you how to use these items.

When making the tortilla dough, mix it and allow it to rest for 15 minutes before you start pressing. It won’t tell you on the masa harina package instructions, but this makes all the difference in the chewiness of the tortillas.


Cut your chicken or beef into strips and fry them on a sizzling hot comal. Add onions, a slice of fresh garlic and maybe some sliced green and red sweet peppers. Stuff the meat filling into your fresh tortillas and top with a squeeze of lime, fresh cilantro and your favorite chunky salsa. Perfection!

The Perfect Tacos

If you aren’t up for all the work of cooking at home, stop by Robertos for lunch or dinner. We’ll cook up some hot, fresh Jalisco style tacos you’ll never forget. We’ll see you soon.