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Ilegal Mezcal is not your ordinary mezcal. It has a history. It has a little bar deep in Guatemala, Mexico. Its history includes smuggling and secret week long parties. It is notorious and it is Ilegal.

Ilegal Mezcal

So, do you have to drive all the way to Antiqua, Guatemala and find the little hidden bar inside a bookstore to have a shot of Ilegal Mezcal? Naw. Not unless you want to, that is.

If Ilegal Mezcal is available then there is a place in Sunnyvale, CA, that will have it: Roberto’s Cantina. The only catch is there are no week long parties (and it is a lot easier to find the bar to waddle up to at Roberto’s).

Roberto’s Cantina is a family style Mexican restaurant with something a little bit different going on. Roberto, the owner, comes from a long line of Jalisco agave farmers – the makers of the very ingredient that makes tequila a tequila. It is actually in the law in Mexico that the product cannot be called tequila unless it is made of blue agave and not just any agave plants. Those blue agave plants must come from Jalisco, Mexico, Roberto’s home town.

So, it is no surprise that Roberto has a passion for tequila and mezcal. He carries over 150+ varieties of artisanal tequilas at the bar inside Roberto’s Cantina. He loves tequila and he loves the industry. In order to further local residents’ education, he schedules Tequila Tasting Events during certain times of the year. Those classes have been hugely popular.

If you are looking for a few shots of the notorious Ilegal Mezcal, ask for Roberto at Roberto’s Cantina. If it is available, he will have it there in the bar, stocked right next to over a hundred very special, small batches of tequila. Salud!