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The blue agave plant is known as the plant that is used to make tequila. There are lots of fun and interesting facts about this plant that you probably don’t know.

Blue Agave

The heart of the blue agave is called the piña. And that piña is the same piña of piña colada fame! Presumably, because the piña colada is made from tequila. And tequila is made with the heart of the blue agave, which looks a lot like a pineapple.

In an effort to get the heart of the blue agave to grow bigger, the leaves are trimmed when the plant is about a year old. This allows the plant to put its energy into growing the heart bigger. A bigger heart will make a bigger batch of tequila. Some weigh as much as 200 pounds when harvested.

A blue agave plant is harvested when it is between 8 and 14 years old. You have to be very patient if you are growing your own to make tequila!

There is a law in Mexico that requires all tequilas to use the blue agave plants, most of which are grown in Jalisco, Mexico. You can use other plants also, but the blue agave must be more than 50% of the formula.

The Mexican government owns the name Tequila. If you want to make something and call it tequila, then you’ll need a license from the Mexican government. And they are going to make you follow their blue agave laws and manufacturing standards.

Tequila is mescal, but mescal is never tequila. Mescal can be made from any agave plant, with or without the blue agave.


Roberto’s Cantina has tequila tasting events all year round with the exception of the summer months. Join one of these events and taste the difference in the tequilas made with blue agave and the mescals that are not.